Yearly Oncology Camp

Annual Oncology Camp

Camp Magical Moments’ main focus is our yearly cancer camp which takes place the third week of June each year for children ages 7-13 who have or have had cancer.

This summer’s camp takes place June 16th – 22nd, 2024 at the Hansen Guest Ranch in Swan Valley, Idaho.

Each June, approximately 36 children join our fabulous volunteers for a week of magical moments. Each child is under the supervision of counselors and supported by staff members and volunteers. A three to four-person medical team is on-site at all times to oversee all of the medical needs of the campers.

The campers arrive on Sunday afternoon and after a visit to the Med Shed, take a tour of the ranch. Everyone gets to know each other during our Square Ice Cream Social; however, soon parents are asked to leave so our week of fun can begin! The goal of the week is to have fun, and fun is what we have.

From zip-lining to horseback riding to our team-building activities, to the climbing wall, to the rappelling tower – a lot of special moments are created!  All of our activities are led by trained or licensed Activity Leaders who go over safety rules for each and every activity.  Since we have such a small group of campers with many staff members, the atmosphere is quite “magical.”

During camp, a special uplifting Celebration of Life takes place in our Garden of Angels where we remember those campers who have lost their battle to their cancer.  We have found it is very important to the children to know that if something ever happens to them, they ALWAYS will be remembered at our camp!

There is a Special Guest Party mid-week during camp to honor our major donors and sponsors. They are treated to an afternoon of fun at the ranch with the campers and then an evening of entertainment at the campfire. The male counselors and campers have serenaded the guests with the unforgettable song – “God Bless My Underwear!” What a special event it is, and our “Special Guests” enjoy their time spent with our campers!


Our camp food is incredible and prepared by our camp chefs. Each and every meal is prepared by hand and offers a nutritional array of good food.  The camper’s favorite meal is Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles with strawberry spinach salad and yeast rolls.  If you think your child may not eat this, think again. Once they taste it, they come back for seconds!

At every meal, both campers and volunteers alike share their “Magical Moments” while holding “Magic Mike.” Fun activities and food are always big hits of the week.  Hope you see that this week is extra special, and we would love for your child to join us!


  • "We love it! As a parent I love it because the people there care as much about my son as I do. They understand and empathize with the anxiety a parent goes through when entrusting their child, especially a medically fragile child, to another for days. CMM is thorough in obtaining the needed information to take care of my son but at the same time makes his week at camp a wonderful time when he just gets to be a "normal" kid.  The camp is just the right size so that all the counselors get to know the kids and it becomes like a family! Camp Magical Moments is nothing short of magical!" -Lori Kramer
  • "Camp Magical Moments is where my healing really started."   -Janae
  • "There is so much love and hope at Camp Magical Moments. It is where the healing of my family began!" -Barbara  
  • "Camp has meant so much to me through out my life and it is hard to express how I feel about it. Camp is my family. Camp makes my heart happy. I love it and I am so excited to be a part of it this year as a volunteer. Camp has taught me so much and has helped me decide what kind of person I want to be. Thank you for everything you have done for me and the other camps. I love camp and I love the volunteers! Thank you for your time and all that you do to make camp the best ever!" -Tori
  • "I love being able to give back to the camp family that has meant so much to my family! As a cancer survivor sibling, I love that I get to now help other kids learn and grow through their experience as a volunteer at a truly magical place. The entire family is supported, remembered, and LOVED, and I'm grateful to be a part of that as a volunteer.  At Camp Magical Moments, you truly become part of the family, whether you are a camper, family member, or volunteer, and you are connected for life." -Cyri